The Harmony Counseling Center provides a broad range of professional and quality services.

Our mission is to create a supportive and caring community where mental health matters. Together, we're here to uplift, empower, and remind you that you're never alone on your journey to good mental health.



We Got You.


Deep sorrow, especially caused by someone's death.


Fear, dread and uneasiness.


Mood disorders that cause persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.


An emotional response to a terrible event like an accident or natural disaster.

Play Therapy

A range of methods capitalising on children's natural urge to explore and using it to meet developmental or mental health needs.

Free Counseling Services

Currently, we have funding to provide no-cost counseling sessions for City of Dallas residents.


Individual Counseling

One-on-one therapy with a clinical counselor to address personal issues, emotional difficulties, or mental health concerns is available for adults, children, and youth.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling, often termed marital counseling, is a form of therapy that helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship.

Family Counseling

Family therapy is a form of talk therapy that focuses on the improvement of relationships among family members. It can also help treat specific mental health or behavioral conditions, such as substance use disorder or oppositional defiant disorder. Family therapy can involve any combination of family members.

Youth Therapy (age 12-17)

Youth therapy is a tool for helping teens with mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety, or those who are displaying troubling behavior. 

Support Groups

Gatherings of individuals with shared experiences or goals, offering a safe space to discuss feelings, receive encouragement, and develop coping strategies with a clinical counselor.

Mental Health Workshops

Interactive sessions that educate participants on mental health topics promote well-being and provide practical tools to manage stress. To sign up for an upcoming workshop, visit our events calendar at

A safe place where we can address your concerns because we understand the importance of connection.

You are not alone! By understanding the underlying causes, we can guide you to improve your overall well-being.






Licensed Counselors You Can Trust.

Whether you're looking for resources, seeking support, or simply want to learn more about mental well-being you're in the right place!


Dr. Whitney Mathison, PhD, LPC, NCC
Clinical Director

Aletha Cobbs, LCSW-S
Assistant Clinical Director

Brittany Washington, LMSW
Clinical Counselor

Marco Hernandez, MS, LPC-S
Clinical Counselor



Sarah Massey, LPC-Associate
 Clinical Counselor

Micah Bolden, LMSW
 Clinical Counselor




(Click event location to register)

May 19th - You Good Mental Health Expo | Concord Church

May 23rd - Navigating Relations with Difficult Parents | Webinar

May 28th - Mindful Wellness: A Self Care Workshop | MLK Community Center

May 30th - Let's Talk about Mental Health | Webinar

Jun 6th - Knowing How to Cope | Webinar


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